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Solar Thermal Space Heating Systems

Solar heating of a home or building cannot fully replace an electric or fossil fuel heating system in Pennsylvania because of our cold winters. In the future, the technology may be available to effectively store the solar energy through the summer months and have it available during the winter months, in a cost effective manner. But with today's technology, all you can do is supplement your space heating needs with a solar thermal (hot water) system.

Solar System Installations

Instead of installing a standard domestic hot water solar system, we can install 6 or more solar thermal panels with additional solar storage capacity. By increasing the size of the system, we can supply domestic hot water and also supplement the heating needs of the home or building.

This can be accomplished by installing a fan driven, hot water unit heater in the basement. The heat will then rise up to the basement ceiling to aid in heating the first floor.

Another option is to install a hot water coil (heat exchanger) in the ductwork of a heat pump or hot air furnace. By doing so, this will take any solar heat available and transfer it directly to the living space via the ductwork.

Incentives are available to install renewable energy systems.
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