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Wind Turbines

The installation of a wind turbine begins with site selection. Most turbines begin generating electricity at approximately 7 MPH of wind speed. Most wind turbines reach their rated power between 20 and 40 MPH. For example, a 6 kW (6000 watt) turbine will generate its rated power of 6 kW at a wind speed of 24 MPH but it will only generate 1 kW at 12 MPH. K.C. Larson is very careful when reviewing a potential turbine site for a client. If we install a turbine, we would like it to produce the maximum amount of electricity for the client. We will not install a wind turbine unless the selected site has a history of sufficient wind energy and the flow of wind is not impeded by trees, buildings or terrain.

Yes, a wind turbine can be a good investment, but only if it is installed on a good, free flowing wind site.

Incentives are available to install renewable energy systems. Click here to learn more.

Bergey WindPower

Bergey Windpower Company

1kW and 10kW output

Wind Turbine Installation
Aerostar Wind Turbines

Aerostar Wind

10kW and 30kW output

Southwest Windpower

Southwest Windpower

400W and 3kW output



6kW output