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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Compressed natural gas (CNG) can be used for fueling all types of vehicles, forklifts and many other pieces of equipment. Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels, has a low cost per energy unit and is abundant in the United States. Vehicles and forklifts that run on CNG will benefit from a yearly savings due to the low cost of natural gas.

K.C. Larson provides consulting, design, installation and maintenance of CNG fueling appliances for homeowners and businesses, along with fueling stations for small to mid-sized commercial fleets and forklifts.

Mechanical & Electrical Construction Services
Commercial & Industrial

K.C. Larson, Inc. has been serving the majority of Pennsylvania since 1984 as a leading provider of commercial and industrial, process piping, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC construction services.

As a multiple trade contractor we pride ourselves on our ability to work smoothly with owners, developers, general contractors, and industries to meet design and installation requirements.

Our team works behind the scenes to integrate, implement and coordinate every aspect of a project either as separate jobs or as a coordinated project.

Renewable Energy Services
Residential, Commercial & Industrial

As energy costs climb, the demand for renewable energy will grow as we strive to lessen our monthly energy bills and offset future inflated energy costs.

Our Renewable Energy services include consulting, design, sales, installation and maintenance for the following renewable energy systems: Solar Photovoltaic (PV), Wind Turbines, Solar Thermal (Hot Water) & Pool Heating, Micro Hydro, Solar Thermal Space Heating Systems.

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With the Phill CNG fueling appliance
anyone can fuel their car in the garage.

Solar Electric Installation High Voltage Electrical Panel Installation